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The Beatrix Potter Society was founded in 1980 to promote the study and appreciation of her life in all its aspects and to uphold and protect the integrity of her unique work and bequests.

The Society brings together, on a worldwide basis, those people who share an interest in a woman who not only created The Tale of Peter Rabbit but was also an accomplished landscape and natural history artist, mycologist, farmer, conservationist and major donor to the National Trust.
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Andrew writes: ‘I value being able to support the work of the Salvation Army. Whilst not a member, I do this in memory of the help they gave my father, and his three siblings, before they were each sent to different orphanages. They must have needed cheering up so, I am sure, do we all when faced with our own personal challenges. Amusing stories in my book will help to do that, if only for a short while.’
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